Anitkabir Ankara – Eternal Resting Place of the Greatest Leader of Turkey

Anitkabir (Mausoleum); The monument tomb built in Ankara for Ataturk. It is in Rasattepe, which is the highest place in Ankara after the Historical Castle.

History of Anitkabir

When Atatürk died in Istanbul on November 10, 1938, the funeral was taken to Ankara and temporarily laid the Ankara Ethnography Museum. An international project competition has been opened for the construction of a grave that will be suitable for Ataturk. The project which the Turkish architects Emin Onat and Orhan Arda collaborated won the contest.

where is anitkabir

The construction of the Anıtkabir began in 1945 and was completed in 1953.

Anıtkabir has three parts: the road, the courtyard and the hall of honor. The length of the road is 180 m. Lion sculptures, torches and cypress trees were planted on both sides. There is a courtyard at the end of it. The eight towers around the courtyard have been named separately: Defense Law, Republic, Revolution, April 2, Peace, Victory, Misakı Milli, Mehmetçik.

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On the left end of the courtyard is the grave part. The height of this hall is 20 m, width 32 m, height 60 m. Turkish motifs are painted on the ceiling with golden mosaic. There is a sarcophagus in front of the window behind the room. The grave is under the sarcophagus.

Cemal Gürsel and the mausoleum of five May 27 martyrs are outside the building to the east of Anıtkabir; The tomb of İsmet İnönü is on the right side of the courtyard, in a hall on the front against the honor hall.

Parliament took a decision to make a monumental grave for Atatürk right after his death. As a place, Rasattepe (now Anıttepe) was chosen. An international project contest was organized for the design of the work which required Atatürk to be symbolized in various aspects. On April 5, 1941, the selection committee won the first prize of Ordinaryus Prof. Emin Onat and Doç Dr Orhan Arda and German Prof. Johannes Krügen and Italian Prof Dr Arnoldo Feschini among the 49 projects participating in the competition. As a result, it was decided to implement Orhan Arda’s project with Emin Onat. The construction of Anıtkabir began in 1944. Material selection was important. Taking into account the strength and harmony of the bozuki, a gray and light yellow colored Çankırı travertine was used. Atatürk’s body was brought to this eternal resting place on November 10, 1953.

The building is absolutely unique. Cream, red and black marbles from Çanakkale, Hatay and Adana were used for the honor hall. The tiger hulls used on the inner walls of honor hall were brought from Afyonkarahisar and green marbles from Bilecik. A massive monolithic sarcophagus weighing 40 tons has been transported to the building from Osmaniye. For this reason, every material used in construction is carefully selected and placed with great care. The founder and leader of the country certainly deserved this respect. When you see the structure and you know the stories, your fur will thorn.

Where is Anitkabir?

Address: Anıt Caddesi Tandoğan / Ankara

Telephone: (312) 231 79 75


Visiting hours

February 01 – May 14

09:00 – 16:30

May 15 – October 31

09:00 – 17:00

November 1 – January 31

09:00 – 16:00

The Anitkabir is open between the hours stated above and seven days of the week.


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